Saturday, August 06, 2005

1Borneo Launch at Palm Square


Model of the future 1Borneo.

Kota Kinabalu has recently been hit with a retail development boom, whereas things were a little sluggish for the past four years, it seems now that people cannot get enough of erecting new construction projects. Already with malls like Wawasan Plaza, Karamunsing Plaza, Centerpoint, KK Plaza and Wawasan Plaza, newer additions are set to join in such as Star City development, Times Square KK and now 1Borneo, a 1 Billion dollar joint venture of the state.


Anoter bird's eye view of the development.

The good news, its going to be situated at UMS’s backyard, within a walking time of 10 minutes. Thus eliminating a bust ride to town to go shopping. Its going to be some time before it’ll open maybe even after I’m gone but it is a positive step since the Menggatal area is poised to be a growth hub with large scale residential and commercial blocks already in existence or being built, the 1Borneo developers can be assured of clientele when it opens.


Catch these costume clad hunk and beauty when you're there.

From 6th August to 7th August 1Borneo developers are holding a grand launching carnival at Palm Square, Centerpoint (currently the most happening shopping spot in town). It trust me it is going with a bang, I haven’t seen such a lively display of celebration and crass commercialism before in town. From gigantic blowup play areas for the kids to have fun with, retails outlets offering bargains (i.e. Body Shop, Sony, L’Oreal, etc.), entertainment shows from contemporary music and dance to cultural shows, arcades, body painting, marine exhibits, clowns and other entertainers and the best of all, anyone signing the guest book will have a free eat courtesy of the sponsors.


The huge turnout for the launch, everyone is signing the guest book for a chance to win an apartment unit as well as for a free food coupon.


Makan time courtesy of the developer and provided by Putera seafood village.

The place was packed, radiating with an energy that I didn’t think possible here in Sabah, people were cramming to check out this development as assured it will change how shopping is in KK, others are enquiring about apartment costs in the integrated development while others sit down to take a swipe at the various entertainment facilities provided.


Freddie and the Katz, was hoping for something like Josie and the Pussycats costumes but this one also cun (lovely) one. Nicely done dance and song number, Freddie later went into several Cantonese songs as well.

Here what do you can expect there if you visit;


Didn't expect them but such gay colours and outlandish costumes, one of the four liang lui (beauties), if you can call them that, that will gladly pose for a pic with you.

The main centerpiece is of course the development itself, aside from the other distractions there are scale models of 1Borneo on display for potential clients. From the model it does look impressive, a lot of similarities with what MidValley Megamall has become. Office space, residential apartments, retails space, Cineplex, a cultural bazaar, ample parking space, etc. Many people can be seen enquiring about the apartments from their sales counter.


Free beauty makeup for visitors at the L'Oreal booth.

Entertainment, fun for the young to old, anyone will find themselves wanting for naught here. For the kids, giant inflatable play lands are available, arcades, body painting, a miniature carousel, clowns making balloon animals and sand art station are also available. For the yuppies, everything from the most modern gadgets such as electronics, fashion, leisure, art deco, crafts and bridal fashion are situated within the convention hall. Those wishing to pursue more can sit and enjoy the various shows being performed from dynastic dance and songs courtesy of Freddie and the Katz which performed a dazzling number to more local cultural dances. Exhibits on weaving, woodcrafts, traditional instruments are available. Did I mention you can get free food and ice cream here?


One of the booths exhibiting their products.


Men in traditional costumes assigned to greet the incoming guests.


Local crafts on display as well as demonstrations in their making.

With so much spent on providing such an event promotion I guess the developers are in to making a serious buck. Quite a bold venture and it'll be interesting to see if 1Borneo can absord the retail demand in the near future with so many competing malls. Lets hope it won't turn into another Kompleks Karamunsing. If they manage to pull it out, I’m sure the place will be the next focal point for residents more so the students of UMS. Already various outlets such as San Francisco Coffee have already booked retail space. The Vice Chancellor will have to contend with more absentee from classes though. Already earthworks are on progress and a huge sign can be seen from the UMS mosque. Well if you can make it to CP do so by all means, you'll surely find something that will thrill you though the crowd may be a bit of a hassle.


View of Palm Square, large crowds, stores of all kind and lots of entertainment.


Golf Addix said...

I wonder how many look at the number of locals who have to move from the area and got nowhere to go ... anyway , that structure is long way due. But I wonder how are they going to cope with the ever growing traffic..

Kervin said...

Traffic is going to be hell, with only a single outlet from KKIP all the way to town they will need to do some kind of plan lest they want a massive jam. Already traffic into Kingfisher is bad, somehow Cityhall needs to look into it, make more access road, maybe linking Kingfisher to Menggatal or constructing a flyover all through the Coastal Highway. As for the villagers, well the land has been cleared of for so long it's not much of a problem.

Adrian said...

gosh is it that alamesra place outside UMS main gate?

Kervin said...

Nope it's directly behind UMS, below the mosque and next to the new medic building. From Kampung you can see it clearly. From Alamesra, its directly in front of it.

kuoksum said...

Gee... cant they get any other more creative names... as if
Times Square KK? oh come on... now they have One borneo? gee... dont tell me they got inspired by one utama...

Gonne be the last place for me to go if i am still in UMS... must be packed with UMS students... Like likas mart back then...

Anonymous said...

thats sounds brilliant idea,but why they want to choose the place where is to far and the locations..why?? and i thinkits quite good to hear that away overseas
long time didnt came back home for many years...i miss all things in sabah. now i heard this news from my friend theres proud of it, sabah boleh.

Anonymous said...

its really amaizing.mate.!..this is 1st time i heard in sabah,its look like this city gonna make a big develop and more like a big city...