Monday, August 01, 2005

I lost out at RM200 prize!

Sob sob today I just found out that an entry I sent to was considered for first prize for best article of the month. The only thing was that since they had a policy on not considering entries for published article of which a posting on my blog site counted towards and thus was disqualified. Well my article on crabbing and crab dinner lost out this time but was no fault of anyone but my. The kind administrator had time after time advised me to make changes to my blog entry so that the article would be admissible for the contest but for the recent events and work has not left me with much time to consider making the necessary amendments. So there goes my USD 50 (RM200) flying away from the window beaten by an article on savouring ayam percik from the market.

Well all is not lost since they told me there is no time limit to when my article is applicable for consideration on their monthly contest so I took out the entry and sent the photos to the site to be posted up. I don’t think I’ll be lucky twice again and a golden opportunity had come and gone. Stupid stupid me. Well come to think about it I never really had much luck in contest the only few I’ve won were not much in terms of prizes. This might have been the first substantial win but alas again. Yet the old adage holds true that if you enter a contest you stand a chance to win but if you never enter the contest in the first place you are assured of a lost. Looks like it a bitter pill to swallow for me. Crossing my fingers for next time.


Lucia Lai said...

oh dear, too bad, kervin.

you are mentioning jeremy's site, right? nice friendly man who had lots of advice for me... and generous too for the makan he treated me!

don't worry, kervin. keep on trying, and i know you will win one day. i like to enter too but these days i had been so busy, no time to write out an article.

sashi said...

dude - tough luck, man. but i'm sure you'll get lucky another time... :)

Justin K C Yap said...

Yeah you can still do it. You nearly won in the first place, why not the second time ?

Kervin said...

Lucia lai: Yeah Jeremy, a bit hard to produce original works since it takes time to do so and maybe putting it on the forum without the ability to display my own work on my own blog is a bit hard, but that was the rules. Maybe next time then.

sashi: Thanks for the confidence, yeah who knows maybe next time lucky again :D

justin k c yap: Try try again right, guess the important lesson is not to sell yourself short and to bounce back for the next go right?