Sunday, August 14, 2005

Teochew opera


I like taking a stroll down the clan jetty near the Penang Ferry terminal, houses of generations sharing the same origins and family name living in houses built on the waterfront, temples and religious prayer altars to their respective dieties, traditional trade kept alive by the descendents, and of course the operas. I'm not too conversant with what they are actually about since I barely could speak the Teochew dialect so I couldn't enquire further but it was a nice treat to see the people there preparing for a performance. It was during the hungry ghost festival and nightly shows were presented for the wandering spirits to be entertained while the gates of Hell were open. Performers with painted faces and costumes reenact timeless classics on stage, too bad I couldn't stay as they often perform at night. Clan Jetty, Penang, 2004.

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