Monday, August 15, 2005

That time of month again


It’s that time of month again….. NO not THAT! I’ll be off to Pulau Banggi again from today till Wednesday so no posts. Hopefully the weather there will be better than what Kota Kinabalu has been experiencing lately. The haze hasn’t really affected Kota Kinabalu (API around 52 - 60), with heavy rains the last few days things have cleared up somewhat, the gloomy hazy atmosphere last week has taken a turn for the better, the sun is no longer sickly shaded, the distant hills are more visible yet the islands look like they’re shrouded in perpetual mists. Being farther north, Banggi should be better and since mostly the surroundings are sea with high winds the sky should be clear. See you all when I’m back.


mmulibra said...

Brought your sun lotion this time??

Kervin said...

mmulibra: Nope never learn, my girl today mentioned that I looked like an overcooked lobster from my reddish complexion on the cheeks, nose and neck from sunburns. Stubborn huh? XD

mmulibra said...

Would be nice to have a sneak peek of the "overcooked" lobster ^_^