Friday, September 09, 2005

10 Reasons


Although we do not have a temperate climate here in Malaysia, I've noticed that certain species of trees actually do shed all their leaves and become like their counterpart in the lower lattitudes, bald and bare. Amazing.

Of why this blog has not been updated as I would've liked it to be;

1) Work has been pilling up lately with added duties in supervising juniors as well as lab classes to an added workload for my masters.

2) I'm suffering from a bad case of fatigue which compounds my writer's block and thus have not really found anything inspirational to rant about.

3) It's convocation week in University Malaysia Sabah and I've been running around getting things in preparation for Laura's parents who are arriving here tonight.

4) I'm also busy planning for the next week's trip for the undergrads to Banggi Island for a samppling field trip.

5) I've been addicted to Trade Empire and has been up till 2 a.m. in the morning trying to beat the game.

6) Bittorent has yielded tons of anime that I've not really found time finish off yet such as Tsubasa Chronicles, Honey and Clover, Air TV and DNAngel.
7) More to come.........


Applegal said...

Wow, fantastic photo of the leaf!!!! :D

anasalwa said...

I am in awe.............

Kervin said...

applegal : Thanks :D

anasalwa : Glad you like it :D

NickTay said...

wah...great shot!