Monday, September 05, 2005

Did you see where my machette went?


Many Christian preachers and evangelists met their end as matyrs, often faced by a change in policy of a country towards their doctrine or due to misunderstandings from the local populace. Often these deaths are brutal and horrendous, such as in this wood carving depicting one being put to death by burying a machette into his head. San Augustin Chruch, Intramuros, Philippines, 2004.


5xmom said...

Ouch, poor San Augustin!

Kervin said...

5xmom: That isn't a model of St Augustin, the church is also a meseum and so many of the artifacts from elsewhere are often brought here for safekeeping, there was no inscription of the saint's name so I cannot truly say who he is, but a painful death nonetheless. ouch hehe.