Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sky's Aflame


The resulting skyline as the sun sets under the nearby group of hills as seen from Kurnia Perdana, Likas, Kota Kinabalu, 2003.


Lucia Lai said...

wow! beautiful! how on earth did you manage to capture such a sight? what camera you use and what specifications, under what conditions... haha sound as though i am such a techie person which in fact i am NOT at all. know nuts about photo taking actually.

Kervin said...

Lucia Lai: I just took it as it is with a Sony P-9, full auto settings, no adjustment whatso ever haha, sweet huh? Just one of those time that the camera can surprise you. Plus it helps that my residence used to be on top of the hill with a clear view of the setting sun, just wait until it's about to dip down the hill crest and the sky would be magnificant. there was always a lovely sunset day by day.

Jefferi said...

i have a similar photo that i shot using my HP iPAQ PDA camera. it turn out to be amazingly beautiful. ^__^

here is the link:

seems that you have a lots of chances traveling around malaysia and outside malaysia taking many wonderful photos. hope to see more amazing photo in future.