Sunday, September 18, 2005

Thousand Words turns 1!


This blog has finally reached its birthday, it’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging for nearly a year now and still at it. I was afraid it’d end up like the time I tried keeping a personal diary, which ended shortly after a little over a year’s worth of entries. After 365 days, one begs to reflect back and see the journey in its totality and carry out an assessment on its achievements or failures. How does it feel? Well seriously I’ve been having mixed feelings about it, on one hand I am proud of what my blog has come to represent and how it is an extension of myself, on the other hand maybe like many bloggers out there, veterans and newcomers alike we all asks ourselves at one time why do I blog?

It all started innocuously enough. Basically two things motivated my involvement online, a yearning to write and boredom. Yup you heard me right, blogging came about on a day when I was suddenly without a thing to do, since at that time I was just back from working in Kl and was just sitting about and writing my proposal for masters prior for submission. So in between slacking there wasn’t much to do. Adrian was the one that really got me into the whole blog thing, prior to that you just asked me what is blogging I’d wouldn’t know what to tell you in return. So he said, “try it, it isn’t hard and most of the functions by blogspot was built to cater to you newbies that don’t know squat about computing, and you're as hopeless a case as I've seen” The rest was history. Sadly I've just found out that he himself is winding down his blog, citing reasons such as his blog deviating from it's original purpose as well as a lack of time to update, guess I'm going to miss his entries.

The actual date the blog appeared on blogspot was in June 2004, but mainly in name only, I never really gave it much thought and wasn't motivated to build it up. Thus the first true forray was really on September 18th when I first began seriously twiddling with the functions and layout to the first inaugral post on the 20th. I started it for my own whim and fancies since I wanted a forum to showcase the pictures that I’ve accumulated throughout the years, plus there’s always the unrealised dream of becoming a reporter that made blogging all the more intriguing for me. From the start it was kind of personal, usually the two most regular commentators were Adrian himself and Jeremy, another one of my old friends now working in Germany. This was all prior to discovering the Malaysian blogsphere and more importantly Project Petaling Street, which was the catalyst to really deepen my interest. Sadly my blog's purpose in connecting me with my scattered friends were not truly realised, to date no more than a handful actually visits and many others are simply not interested in the web. I guess if people are not bothered to update their profiles in Friendster, the very same people cannot take the time to read entries and give comments.

It has been fun, I didn’t really ask for much of my blog and just let it developed by its own course, mostly posts about travels, a gallery of pictures and the occasional ranting. The early part was great, I began reading from other people’s blog and soon I discovered there were good writers out there with interesting articles posted in their blog, some are still here (nice ones include, 5XMom, Pok Ku, Marita, Acrix, Peter Tan, Messy Christian, fishfish, the Scarfer and a whole bunch of others) while others have gone or remain inactive (MDMafia, Buaya 69 reincarnated as Belacan, Baine’s World) but all made the blogging experience ever more pleasant than just writing alone. When things got bad these bloggers who only know me through my writings gave comments of encouragement, it was uplifting and also to share their lives through their writing made the days go by ever so nicely. It was never meant to be a popularity blog that is written to captivate the net's audience like many other out there, just my little space in infinity seeing that a few thousand blogs are born daily. When I do get audiences, more so those that interact with my blog, I'm pleased but neither do I mope if they keep away in droves.

I still enjoy writing though at times other priorities has made it take a back seat and also I’ve been reading people’s blog less and less. Recently too I guess traffic to my site not to mention commentators have been frequenting Thousand Words less and less. It makes me a little sad and though I don’t write to please people out there nor do I write about the more happening and controversial things in life, it does feel a bit of a let down that after a year my blog’s readership hasn’t really grown as many of the others out there are better known even if they have been in existence for far lesser a time. Maybe a little introspection is needed and the blame put to my own failings, yet a sense of failure does pervade. But I’m not letting that push me down, after all it’s suppose to be a cause of celebration and rather than looking at the glass half empty I should say it’s half full.

As with a new year I figure a resolution is in order, the first call of order is to set a target of 2 months to redesign my site, maybe making things neater and a more unique look rather than my old blogspot given template. Next is to get rid of the Adsense. Poof there it's gone! Yeah I know after months the total collection is only USD10 and it’s integration in the site, sucks (please go ahead and say so). So I think I’m going to get rid of it, at least those that are in each individual posts. Lastly I’ve been twiddling with opening another site (currently in construction mode indefinetly), one specifically for my travel posts so that things are neater to look through, I have wanted to do a blog site specifically for pictures as well but I haven’t found the time nor the motivation to do just that yet, so maybe in a future date.

So final words, to all who have given support by dropping by (especially to Lucia Lai, Bawang Merah and Messy Christian) and also for all commentators, I thank you for making the previous year a memorable one. I hope you’ll still all drop by often because it’s nice hearing from you all. Lastly if I’ve stepped on any toes of late, sorry about that and let bygones be bygones. Well maybe I’ll make it to two after all. Welcome to my little spot in cyberspace!


Chen said...

Happy birthday to Thousand Words :)
Keep up the good work ..

Adrian said...

Appy barfday to yer blog, pal! ;)

Lucia Lai said...

one year old! fantastic! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO 'thousand words: snapshots of life'.

yes, it is kind of hard to believe, isn't it. though you look to 365 days as very long, but when it hit you, you wonder, has it been that long (all of 365 days) that i had been blogging?

your blog, kervin, is one of the earlies photo blog i frequent regularly and even since had been addicted to it. i come here everday, though i may not comment everyday.

you know, i find we have something in common. my blog anniversary is also in sept...2nd one though. and like you i actually started in june 2003 too but it was just a 'testing' blog and didn't really get into it. it was only in sept. 2003, the period of dr m's resignation and appointment of pak lah, that i get into serious blogging.

so you are thinking of re-designing your blog? good. i'm looking forward to a new nice design.

keep up the good work of blogging, kervin, and continue giving us many beautiful photos.
keep up the good work, kervin.

Adam said...

Congratulations. Love your photos. Keep them coming.

5xmom said...

KERVIN!!! I am late. But not too late. You are the first few guys who commented in my blog. It means the world to me. You and narrowband. You know how despo new bloggers are and those few who commented always remain my fav. Mine 1st year anni is coming in late Oct. Must make mental note to give special mention to the first few commentors.

Keep your thoughtful posts coming, ya?

Kervin said...

chen: Thanks for the good work, will try and deliver good materials in future still :D

adrian: Hey you why stop blogging, love your antics, sex, fast life and travel in Japan huh? ;)

lucia lai: Hey lucia, always glad that youd drop by, one of my most frequent visitors I must say hehe. Loved your blog too always interesting. Will keep on posting pictures for all to view don't worry. As for the redesign must really find the time and do it all haha, been meaning to but always seem to put it off.

5xmom: X late hehe, always welcomed. Yeah I know new bloggers don't really leave much of the damily feeling as when I first started blogging, somehow its was rather fun in the past and now many seem indifferent with each other. Oh well yeah been following your blog since its inception, really motivational stories hehe and many foul words;) Looking foward to see it turn 1. Happy blogging. Sorry if I don't comment much but always drop by to look see look see on your entries ;)