Saturday, September 17, 2005

UMS 7th Convocation Ceremonies


An earlier session leaving the convocation hall as eager parents wait by the side to receive them.

The word convocation alone evokes vast feelings and emotions among those about to walk through the hallowed halls and receive their scrolls. The years of toiling, of late night coffees and staying up to complete assignments, the hours of lab work and study halls, the countless problems faced from the administration and generally surviving on your own in what may be a first time experience being away from home to most. All this culminates into this very one day, a day that may well make or break a person and a justification of all the effort and finances that has been put up to send a student through university education.


The large crowd of parents and students outside the main doors of the Chancelor's Hall before the begining of ceremonies.

For all the misgivings and bad experience that has been a staple for student life, this is the day that all can be forgotten, all made worthwhile and most importantly justified. The moment you know you’ll be walking in, moving up the stage with all the professors and senate members seated in full regalia and splendour, holding the scroll in your own two hands and walking down triumphantly, is a moment to savour and never forget. Some will not make it and may have to stay by the sidelines as their friends graduate but their time will come in future.


One of the parents adjusting the sash for her daughter.

This day is not the student’s alone, it is equally shared between the parents who made it possible for them to be here, of saving and financing an education in the hopes that their sons and daughters will be given greater opportunities in life; the educators that worked endlessly to impart the knowledge and endure the never ending chagrins concocted by the ingenious and devious pupils as well as friends sharing the same moment and experience along with you.


The long wait can prove to be difficult for many but still they wait and never complaining.

Many come from far and wide, parents from the kampungs congregate enmass with their huge entourage of extended families and even at times village neighbours to share in the moment; parents holding small kids and waiting out the tiring lines and crowded hallways to watch their progeny; boyfriends or girlfriends traveling the distance to share along the joy; Peninsulars flying the distance to partake in the ceremonies; elderly grandmothers facing the difficulties to be there; and many more instances of touching scenes. All come far and wide and gather in this very hall to bear witness to this momentous occasion. Just walking past you’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer atmosphere; here a mother helps her daughter to adjust her robes, another couple hugs each other, bouquets of flowers are seen everywhere along with gigantic soft toys, friends embracing in ecstasy after parting for so long brought together again for this day, generations of families congregating to witness a single family member graduating.


Various expressions seen from the crowd.

Rain or shine, tiredness and fatigue all are small prices to pay to be here and many do not mind what trials and difficulties faced and with smiles and feeling of pride, they come and they saw and they went back with a sense of purpose, of achievement.


Taking a break from the hectic happenings.


The graduates eagerly waiting in line for the procession into the hall.

The crowd was truly large, seeing that even with the ceremonies split into 4 sessions cars were still seen parked from one end of the place to the other and people were walking shoulder to shoulder trying to get in. The first session must be cursing as the weather that day didn’t hold and thus picture taking had to be postponed, the evening session was luckier and the weather broke to give a mild cloudy scene but no rain to hinder the required photo shoot. Those on Sunday would face the best weather of all, sunny throughout. The interior of the hall were chocked full, the stage seated by the lecturers as well as the chancellor and board of directors of the university, all in regalia with the cokmar in the fore, next came the ocean of black mortars and capes as the student took their place and lastly the back row were seated the parents bearing witness.


Enterprising bussiness selling flowers to last minute buyers outside the hall.


One of the countless boquet of flowers often seen as gifts to the graduates.


View of the convocation hall.


Graduates standing in attention for the procession.


The protocol team standing by to make sure everthing runs smoothly, mostly to prevent over eager parents from entering the procession area to take photo of their kids.


Crowd leaving the Dewan Chancelor after the end of ceremonies.

In the end after the ceremonies and fanfare, the most important thing that counts must be this;


The joy one parent’s feel for their child entering into the world. For many graduation is not the end, it is merely the beginning on the long road to life, with its inherent difficulties, heartbreaks and trials. Yet for this one day, all such thoughts can be dispelled, filled with euphoria and for some tears of joy. Thus this day will be forever etched in the minds of all in attendance. Congratulations to all, class of 2005.



People visiting the BMRI jetty for photo shooting session.


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