Friday, October 28, 2005

Fragile work


A little collage Johleen made from various trnkets she collected while we were in the Philippines; the flower is made from sugar and decorated a cake we bought to celebrate three of our friend's birthday, the sand and shells were collected from Patar beach, the empty shell of the sea urchin was a discard outside a stall which served them to guests and the paper underneath is a piece of tissue paper. Still it's a nice work of art.


mmulibra said...

Yup, nice work indeed :-)

Lucia Lai said...

yes, it IS nice.

one must be creative and imaginative to come up with nice art piece. unfortunately i'm not. :(
(but i can be creative in words)

Kervin said...

mmulibra: :D

lucia lai: Actually she's more the brutal kind.