Saturday, October 01, 2005

IPTA R&D Expo 2005

It's hard to believe that I'm typing this at PWTC now but yeah. Today morning looked a bit drab and it did rain a little and all my dad had with him in the car was a cheap mini umbrella with floral motif that cost him less than RM3 from a China trader back in Kuantan. Thus after taking the LRT from Taman Bahagia and aligning from Masjid Jamek to catch the STAR line to PWTC I had to walk from the Mall with a light blue with pink and yellow floral pattern umbrella that hardly shielded me from the rain, lucky it wasn't too heavy and too long a distance. It did look a bit odd for me to hold such an item since I'm dress in quite drab colours, black collared shirt with tan long pants and black shoes and suddenly as if a flower was growing from this pile of dirt, my umbrella stuck out like a sore thumb, I just hope the fellow Klites didn't notice this abberation.

I must admit that I admire the preparations the organizers put up for the exhibition, upon entering registeration involved using your MyKad and you'll get a print out of your info on the registeration sheet along with a printed tag. Very sophisticated. The interior were well done, very plush with wall to wall carpeting, floral motif lights and techno looking booths. Oh yeah I'm attending the IPTA R&D expo 2005 which UMS is a participant. Renting three booths (which I was told costs a whooping RM25,000 each) with exhibits from several schools Johleen and I were assigned to be the spokesperson for IPMB. Our boss skipped town this morning leaving us high and dry though so we're stuck here for the next two days.

At least I got a free shirt for it and also a chance to look at what the other institutions are currently working on. Some are bland, others quite impressive. UM, UKM and USM are occupying the middle floor with the largest floorspace with research ranging from bone replacement transplant, tissue culture, light aircrafts and more. Other institutions are also present like UTM, KUSTEM and the rest. Ok gotta go back to duties. Signing off, more news later.

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