Friday, October 14, 2005

It could only happen to them

At times I wonder how certain things only happen to certain people and if it wasn’t the fact that you were actually there in person to witness it, you wouldn’t believe that such an incident could happen in real life. This pertains to what happened to an uncle of mine on the day before my departure back to Sabah a few weeks ago.

I was at an aunt’s place for the night playing away at ‘Fatal Frame 2’ as the morbid ghosts were trying to suck the life out of my computer character when a call came in to my aunt. There were only three of us at home, my aunt, cousin and I. She came up and said that another aunt staying near Sunway Damansara had called and in frantic tones stated that she thought there was a burglar at the back of her house and that my uncle has noticed someone crouching behind in a corner of the washing area. He tried sounding the alarm but found that it was not functioning (so much for the hundred of thousands of dollars put into securing your home), they thought the burglars had cut the wiring. So they went up the second floor and locked the door and thus their next move was to call us.

My three cousins were away at Genting enjoying themselves leaving their parents all alone and thus the large house was quieter than usual. My first thought was why they didn’t call the police and chose instead to call us, who were in no position to act upon even if there were armed men trying to break in. Secondly by the time we drove from Damansara Perdana to their place to alert the guards anything could have happened in the timeframe including murder.

Yet facing no choice my cousin soon took the Unser out and we rushed as fast as we could to their place. I went ahead and alerted the guards manning the booth at the entrance to the estate. It’s funny most people nowadays figure that if you have several uniformed guards sitting at the entry road your house is as safe as possible even if the guards are mostly just sitting there watching television and hardly check visitors coming into and leaving the premise. So the guard without even a weapon or anything to mildly threaten any intruders who might have automated weapons and firearms not to say even machetes or knives, followed to check it out. If there were a real situation I don’t think radioing headquarters to send in reinforcement is a quick enough affair to prevent intruders from fleeing the scene, if they even ever get here.

So we went and our aunt quickly rushed out to open the gate for us. The guard went ahead and checked the area where the intruders were believed to be. I told them it would be a better precaution to call the police in the event there were armed intruders and thus ask them for their address. Ok the fact that they don’t know what number to call to ask for the police already astounded me (people it’s 999 ok, and 994 for the fire department), yet after staying for years at your residence and not know your own address, please! They had to go search for a bill so that I can call in their address. Half way and already talking to the dispatch, they soon heard shouts from the suspected area, the guard even saw that there were figures hiding at the corner. Suddenly they heard shouts, ‘hai ngo ah, Ah Lok’ (It’s me Ah Lok). So they quickly asked me to cancel the report.

Soon the entire story unfolded as I was confronted with the most bizarre situation I think I will ever encounter in my life. After sorting things through it was found out that the people hiding behind the house were my uncle’s Burmese cooks, not one but both of them, who worked at their coffee shop. Why were they there at the middle of the night? That’s even harder to believe. It seems they ferried themselves by taxi (now even illegal immigrants have the luxury of this) to the place, the guards at the entrance neither asked for identification nor even stopped them from entering the housing area. There at the gate without the knowledge of my relatives, the two Indonesian stay in maids let them in by unlocking the doors for a night of lusty sexual encounter, free from the usual prying eyes of my cousins and the fact that my relatives turned in early. If it wasn’t for a fluke decision of my uncle to come down to wash some plates he wouldn’t even be aware of the amorous affair of his work helpers under his own nose. So we told the guard all was okay and it has all been a misunderstanding and also cancelled the police emergency call.

Now to me the sheer fact that your local domestic help is having sex in their employer’s house is a shocking enough fact. The second part of it is that not one but two couples were doing their business at the same time is even more amazing. Not to mention that your maid is daring enough to invite their lover into the house without the owner’s knowledge, what if it didn’t end at just mere sex, what if they came in and robbed the entire place? Seeing this episode unfold my cousin and I could only shake our heads at the absurdity if the evening’s events. We both agreed it could only happen to them.


s'mee said...

Oh. My. HECK! This is amazing! Weird stuff happens all the time, but you're right, this is a pretty good "top this..." story.

narrowband said...

Goodness gracious! Hire new helpers!! (domestic as well as the cooks)!

Kervin said...

s'mee: Yeah wierd hehe

narrowband: I agree sadly good help nowadays are hard to find and surprisingly this incident is not so isolated heard a lot of such happenings as well before.