Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Star Wreck

The Science fiction universe boasts two great series, Star Trek and Babylon 5 (okay so there’s also Battlestar Galactica, Farscape, Andromeda etc.). What happens when these two universes collide head on? You get a great spoofest courtesy of several dedicated Finnish nationals that took 7 years to make and is being distributed free. Star Wreck: in the Pirkinning is truly one of a kind. What started out as just a hobby it’s totally out of the world. In fact the quality of the scenes even rivals actual scene one would expect to find in a normal hour episode of Star Trek, photon torpedoes and all. Another plus is the actors though not professionals gives quite a show worthy of a Starfleet officer, or should I say P-fleet.

The film combines elements of Star Trek; with its head captain Pirk, later emperor Pirk along with his motley crew of Dwarf (ala Worf) and Info (Data) as well as Starfleet ships and Babylon 5; Captain Sherrypie (Sheridan), Ivanovitsa (Ivanova), GaryBrandy (Garibaldi), Babel 13 (Babylon 5) and more. So a two hour laugh fest ensues with banal jokes at times and silly spoofs that will sure put you in stitches, being a fan of both helps a lot in appreciating some of the subtler jokes. Though the movie is in Finnish, an English subtitled version is available for download, did I mention it was free? Go ahead watch it and I dare you not to laugh. The site can be found at the official download site found at the official download site at Enjoy.


Adrian said...

Twinklers and light balls filled with beer bottles? :p

Kervin said...

adrian: Salute to Commander Fukoff for that