Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Show me the money!


Money fuels consumption and consumption drives society. Don't tell me that is not true. Take for example the recent rush for the release of X-Box 360 which is slated to be the top selling Christmas want list item this year to the point that people are willing to bid for it on e-bay, high demand low supply equals a happy Bill Gates. Well this is the season to weep for my poor bank account, lots of birthdays this month which means gifts and also the festive season is creeping near, Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year are just around the corner. Well I'm broke, stupid treasury still hasn't bank in this months payment yet (**deleted swear words**) so have to make do with what I have at the moment. As for the picture above well lets just say I wish that were mine and the first thing I'll do is spread it on my bed and wallow naked on that moolah but alas that is bit a fantasy long to come. Anyway anyone want to try and guess how much cash that stack amounts to? Good luck.


Adrian said...

Yes yes birthdays a-coming. *hint *hint

Kervin said...

adrian: Don't get too drunk and knock yourself out again.