Saturday, November 19, 2005

What a week

Things have not been going too well lately, no its not concerning health, money or relationship, just feel bumed out for no reason at all. A lot has been happening of late, some good others not. Two of my collegues are graduating soon or at least finishing up their thesis writing, one already secured a job as an engineer running High Percision Liquid Chromatograms (HPLC) and Gas Chromatograms (GC) for a whopping monthly pay of RM2,300 starting with fringe benefits, not bad. Another went for an interview in Kl for a cancer research associate at Subang Jaya Medical and we have high hopes that she will land the job. Another ex university coursemate recently changed jobs and is now working at a lab with a company servicing and consulting on fishery products. In a few weeks it will also mark my one year anniversary being stuck in masters as all the whole world passes me by and another year to go. Laura's masters is starting next month as well and in another few I will have to look for new housemates as well as a roomate to replace all the graduating tenants, a job which is never easy nor fun since you never know what traits your future roomie will have until you have actually lived with them. It's not like you can ask them in a questionaire whether they snore or have odd fetishes that I should be aware of beforehand.
My research is progressing ahead and I hope to finish all lab tests by March and begin procesing the data and writing up, hopefully before the same time next year I'll be heading back home and landing a job as cushy as those of my collegues. Besides the recent passing of a friend and the ever cronic and slow degradation of my laptop (the battery just breathed its last a few nights ago) I decided a much needed break is called for, made easier for the fact that my supervisor has just left for Penang until end of the month. I'm going to buy my Canon S80 today (if the crummy shops still hasn't sold off their limited supply) and watch Harry Potter Goblet of Fire today as well as attend a birthday party of another collegua tonight. Man I need a break.

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