Thursday, December 08, 2005

Air Asia 0 ringgit flight ticket

In an atmosphere of employee voluntary retirement schemes, increase ticket prices and red line losses in the flight industry Air Asia has managed to not only grow but seems to be headed towards a prosperous venture with soaring profits, not only are they enlarging their fleet and flying to more international destinations, they are opening more local routes (that is if MAS is willing to relinquish their unprofitable flights). So I was overjoyed when they announced for their fourth anniversary they were giving away more than 2 million free seats to their destinations. I had to blink my eyes and pinch myself to see if it was true or not but when I went online there it was, flight fees of RM0.00 (not inclusive of the RM40 tax). So I already planned to go back home for a break this March and this was just the sweetest deal Tony Fernandez could offer.

Okay so accessing their server was hell and I kept on getting server errors and unable to purchase the ticket and even to the point of my Maybank online transaction being paid but no generated booking number due to server errors and later a lengthy 30 minutes being put on hold on their call center line before things cleared up but I managed to snag a return flight from Kota Kinabalu to KLIA for RM80. I'm not complaining if their services are hair pulling at times but truly these absurd low prices really makes going back home affordable to students like me. So to Air Asia, thank you!


xaverri said...

managed to get flights for KL-KK too, only after much hassle. But for this kind of price, we all put up with it yeah..

Kervin said...

diana: Great ain't it cheaper than a bus ticket! Love Air Asia!