Saturday, December 31, 2005

Christmas offerings

This must be one of the most happening and enjoyable Christmas seasons that I've had! Though the week was hectic and rushed things still managed to turn out right in the end.


A cccuuuuttteeeeee giraffee cuddly toy Laura bought me, now permanently residing by my bedside and getting squeezed every night.


Even more gifts from Laura, she really outdone herself, she got me one of the books on my wish list (thank you!!!), Eldest which I've been dying to read. Other smaller stuff but equally appreciated are origami figurines of a manatee and a coat as well as a small plush bag.


The night dinner is what I love best! She can really cook. No traditional Christmas Turkey dinner for us I'm afraid, just plain Malaysian dishes, hot and steamy just right for a wet Christmas here; sesame seed prawns, curry sotong and cauliflower and carrots in oyster sauce.

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Ganaesh said...

"...sesame seed prawns, curry sotong and caulilower and carrots in oyster sauce."

*salivating* Oh my. I would very much enjoy a Christmas like that. No pretentiousness, just having a good time with good friends, and having good food., I haven't eaten anything the whole day, so. :p

BTW, Happy New Year! (this is my first comment here, but a long-time reader.)