Monday, December 12, 2005

IPMB Annual Dinner


Laura and I at the IPMB Annual Facualty dinner at Atlantis Seafood Restaurant, Bundusan.


The girls posing in all their dressed up fashion.


The remaining group of marine science students now undertaking masters.


More posing with Leela who was to present her rendition of Arabian belly dancing for the function.


IPMB staff and support personnels 2005.


Posing with Dr. Kojima our resident JICA volunteer researcher and wife.


Packing into the food, buffett style of course.


Table seating within the hall.


Leela whirling like a dervish in her dance.


Arabian belly dancing rendition by Leela.


Johleen posing with Leela.

The staff and post graduates students had our annual dinner at Atlantis Seafood Restaurant last Saturday. Missed the previous year's one so didn't want to miss this coming event. Supposed to be Batik attire for men and kebaya for woman but last minute they dropped the requirement, to the chagrin of a few collegues who had already booked theirs (a set costs around RM160). Didn't want to go if I was forced to wear the only batik attire I had, an ugly yellow banana hued shirt they gave to us for our university entrance orientation. The place was nice, food was ok, they said the previous year was better, got bored with the entertainment, that is until Leela, our resident PhD student went on stage and did her body jiggling Arabian dance, which is actually a rendition of belly dancing albeit without the actual belly showing for sensitivity sakes. Another nice note was that one of us, Chen Fong actually won the lucky draw, a first for non staff members, and walked away with a DVD player. We all joked that if any one of us won the first prize, which incidentally was a 29 inch tv we could start a communal viewing corner at our office, but no such luck.


Simone said...

Now Leela looks fantastic in that dress! I wonder where she got those 'bling-blings' from...

Kervin said...

simone: She mentioned once she got some from an arab dealer and others her friend helped her obtain them, think its standard costume for such dances.