Saturday, December 17, 2005

Popular sale KK


I always look forward to sales especially Popular since they often supply bargain bin prices for good books. When the outlet for Kota Kinabalu was setting up shop at Palm Square, Centerpoint their opening sale saw discounts of up to 70% for a wide range of titles from the latest novels to hard cover coffee table books. So when they had their year end clearance sale last week I thought it would be a good opportunity to get some good reads for some savings. So imagine my disappointment when I reached there and only a small section of English titles were on sale and those were old stock being cleared up and same old bargains for paperback novels such as Dan Brown books which I’ve already got like months ago. The latest titles on display were being sold with cost price and not even a 10 percent discount. The only books going for 50% to 70% were dog eared hard covers from subjects like beadworks and 2003 statistics, bummer. Well hoping to walk away with a major haul of books soon turn daunting and only got 3 titles, the hungry tide by Amitav Ghosh, the rule of four by Ian Caldwell and the divide by Nicholas Evans. Managed to snag a reduction of 30% for each, with purchases of 3 books and above. Other than that not much, was hoping they had some nice photography books at cut prices but no luck there all over RM100 a piece. The Chinese section was huge though but sadly not my cup of tea.


bibliobibuli said...

envious!!! ... if there's one thing nicer than getting new books, it's getting really cheap new books!

Kervin said...

bibliobuli: Sadly quite disappointed with them, very little selection and not much sale prices.