Sunday, December 25, 2005

Wish (Conceited self vanity) list

My birthday and Christmas is nearing!!!!! Just wanted to put something up but I don't think anyone I know reads my blog so its more like a "dream on list" hahaha. Well just putting it up for a little introspection and maybe I'll get one of the items listed for myself when the time comes. So in no particular order, dreaming on;
  1. A replacement Lord of the rings trilogy (book 1 to 3) to replace the lost original 1980s Gandalf cover edition that I lost (sob sob).
  2. Eldest, Eragon trilogy book 2.
  3. Two Swords, the hunter's blade trilogy book 3.
  4. Promise of the Witch King, R.A. Salvatore.
  5. LionBoy: The truth, Zizou Corder.
  6. Opposite of Fate, Amy Tan.
  7. Rule of Four, Ian Caldwell.
  8. Memoirs of a Geisha, Arthur Golden.
  9. Saving Fish from Drowning, Amy Tan.
  10. Illustrated Angels and Demons / Da Vinci's Code book by Dan Brown.
  11. Complete series DVDs for Full Metal Alchemist or Full Metal Panic.
  12. CSI Las Vegas season 5, CSI Miami season 4, CSI New York season 1.
  13. DVD full season for Babylon 5 season 1 to 5.
  14. Rich moist fruit cake.
  15. PlayStation 2.
  16. DVD Burner.
  17. A new laptop (disregard this, just a major daydreaming experience).
  18. 5 days of holiday anywhere away from my lab.
  19. A nice formal suit with blazer and tie (It's surprising but I don't own one).
  20. A nice plate of Penang fried char kuey tiao, Hokkien mee and Penang Road cendol.

More to come :D I know it's early but I'm in the Christmas mood Merry Christmas!


Adam said...

I too wish I could go on a nice holiday but that woud mean running away from reality with my wife pregnant.

Applegal said...

I actually have a burned copy of number 5, but it's back in KL :P

narrowband said...

Didnt grab AirAsia's 2mil free tickets offer? ;D

Anonymous said...

Didn't cancel out Eldest and the fruit cake dear? :3

Kervin said...

adam: commitments, one of the hardest thing to overcome to just let it all go. Take care of your wife well!

applegal: Hehe people said its good so longing to buy the originak DVD version.

narrowband: need someone to sponsor the stay there as well, pokai already even with free tickets.