Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006


I was ecstatic at first that this was the year of the cock (chicken) since it is my birth year and the second cycle in my life but 2005 turned out to be somewhat turbulent, not only in term of world events such as the multitude of disasters pummeling our earth but also of personal events in my life. Lets just say it was no bed of roses, but I thank the big guy up there that I'm still here and surprisingly I'm slightly optimistic about the coming year, a lot will change no doubt about it but I'll face those changes in whatever form they may come. So to everyone I know you all share my sentiments and wish that 2006 will be somewhat brighter and less eventful for everyone, so happy new year to all from both Laura and I.

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Adam said...

Happy New Year. Hope this year is better than the last.