Friday, May 12, 2006

Long hiatus

First of all I figure everyone has noticed that there has been no update on this blog for the past 2 months. Don't fret I haven't given up on blogging per se nor is the site dead. The number one factor for the downtime was a screw up at the Twinhead service center which saw my laptop hijacked for that long a period due to a miscommunication on the service center's part that resulted in an overtly long wait rather than the usual 2 weeks. After much verbal abuse and multiple calls to Kl headquarters thankfully all this has been sorted out. It seems I was a basketcase without internet access and word processing powers not to mention gaming and anime downloading. Like an addict I can say I've taken the plunge again and is back to my usual 5 hour a day computer usage. Next is that many changes have been taking place in my current life. One is that my supervisor is leaving for Japan to pursue his post doc in the middle of our masters programme thus ensued a whirlwind of activity to complete all the necessary labwork to ensure a smooth translation for his leaving and freeing us to just concentrate on writing up the next few months. Secondly my long term roomate is finally graduating and is leaving tomorrow meaning I'm shifting from my familiar room of near 4 years to a single room. In the midst a lot of other things happened, and thus the long hiatus. Frankly speaking my motor for writing and posting up pics is still a bit rusty and the next few weeks will still be trying for me to get back up to the usual pace, so I hope some of the long term readers have not totally abandoned this site and thank you for the patience.

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