Saturday, August 05, 2006

Catching Up on Life

I've been slacking off on blogging I know but so much have happened and so much more to do that there really haven't been time to do much writing and as I've mentioned before rather than write crappy updates just for the heck of it I'd rather not compromise on standards (if there were any to be had in the begining).

A slew of events have been happening to my life, many have major consequences other not as significant but cannot be brushed aside as well so here will be a gist of major happenings for anyone who wishes to know arranged in no particular order.

1) My Supervisor and his family has just left to continue his post doctoral studies at Tokyo University and thus we, his master students are given the immense responsibility to either misuse our time or make use of it as best as we can. Starting 2 months ago, we are currently left to our own defences but luckily most of our research has already been done thanks to his efforts and the only matter left to resolve is the writeup before handing up my final masters thesis, hopefully by the end of this year.

2) I've secured a job back in Kl that is waiting for me to come back to by November, with it comes along the perk of financing my own car (which my dad has been pushing me to buy a Myvi) and also the use of an apartment for the time being until I can afford my own place so the savings in rent payment is a godsend.

3) To my surprise various opportunities has arisen to further my long buried dream of writing either part time or full time, most probably the former. I was given an offer to write entries on Sabah destination with promises of payment as well as maybe a camera upgrade but sadly I had to decline for lack of time. Also if things so through I may be submitting entries for OtakuZone in the Star on a small time basis. Though these may not be significant developments it's a start and I'm happy for the opportunity they may offer for bigger things in future.

4) I shifted from my cosy Master bedroom with private bathroom and balcony to a downgrade of a single in the lower floor. The first week with the housemates were somewhat of a trial with several issues to work out like complaints that our water supply is occasionally cut (which happens here hence our ready supply of water retention tubs for their use), arguments on study space arrangements in the living room which now houses 6 study tables for the girls where in the past it wasn't utilized, a little issue with Lady being displaced a little since two groups of them had cars and wanted use of the garage where Lady used to live (students are getting richer nowadays) and uncessing demands for added utilities such as an extra fan for the living room plus complaints on the rent increase.

5) I'm off to Kl next week to attend Biotech Asia Expo where I'll be presenting a joint project with my supervisor, which means free tickets back home for the duration, a chance to have a name if the presentation wins an award and the opportunity to shop in Kl!!!

6) Several long time colleagues have just handed in the thesis and so to date only several of us are left in the lab, numbering 4 without counting several others. Our laboratory also had a major shift when the new vice chancelor took office, saying goodbye to the Marine Institute and calling the Tropical Biology and Conservation Institute our new home. Man I hate shifting!

7) Tons and tons of new animes to watch muuaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!

8) Worrying about what to do with my dog Lady, though I want to bring her back and would love to have her with me as she has been for the past 3 years, staying in an apartment and working in Kl would mean that she won't be able to stay with me.
9) Sis managed to get a scholarship under JPA for an American Study Programme for Science. So currently she's leaving home for the first time and roughing it out in the UITM Shah Alam campus for her first year.

Well guess that's about it for now, till next time!

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