Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Borneo Big Biker Club - Meet the People Involved

More pictures taken during the Sabah Big Bike Festival whereby bikers and their mean machines from all over Borneo gathered to display and show their machines to the publis. This time a more intimate look at the people involved and the wide range that is.


The Bikers posing with their motor bikes in front of the DBKK building before the start of events.


A final check by a friend before the started up his bike.


One cool dude at the starting point chatting with the other participants.


Biker with his Harley Davidson posing for the crowd along with his mates.


Not all bikers are dominated by males, the female counterparts were visibly seen and in deep in the action, many are wives to the bikers but many at the same time are ardent ethuists that hold their own with their giant rev machines.


This trio were sharing a light moment in between, recounting some of their previous experience riding together in similar events held often by the bike club.


Surveying the motorcade which was waiting patiently under the hot Sabah sun before the main event.


Closeup of one of the motors seen at the festival.


Biker with his personalized leather riding jacket stating him to be part of the Malaysian Chapter of the Harley Davidson group of riders.


This guy had all the gear needed for his ride, helmet, eye shades, leather gloves and much more.


Masked man, stating his ardent preferrence to the daddy of all biker culture, the Harley.


Thumbs up for the gathering by this more than happy participant.


One mean machine and cool rider, macho does not need any other poster child than whats present here.


The golden eagle symbol, prestige and class for the Harley Davidson.

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