Friday, October 13, 2006

Leaving is so difficult!

I'm really pissed off this week. It feels like everything wrong that could go wrong is occuring simultaniously this very point in time. It's sod bad that I couldn't get a good night sleep these past few days. I should be very overjoyed to finally be leaving Sabah after 5 longs years and moving back to KL but uprooting myself is proving more difficult than i imagined. Several things need to be adressed and I'm making a list just to remind myself how pressing and difficult it is to solve within a months time;
  1. Settle arrangments for transporting my dog Lady back to Peninsular
  2. Getting my room rented out
  3. Ship all my stuff back home
  4. Settle all outstanding laboratory stuff before leaving
  5. Settling all the registeration for masters
  6. Finalizing my thesis
  7. get streamy and phone line cut

It may sound easy but the paperwork and convulated regulations is making things harder than they should be.

Chief of my worries is my room. I had a stupid idoit of a junior that said he wanted my room 3 months previously and suddenly when i enquired he backtracked on his promise! Nowadays a friend's promise means nothing and if i didn't enquire he qould've just kept quite and not said a word. As it is it's already giving me trouble due to the short time frame to find a new tenant and this being the middle of the semester year can prove more daunting compared to the March when colleges rehuffle their tenants. As of now I stand to lose my two month's deposit as well as utilities deposit, if no tenants are forthcoming. I had to go about pasting notices around the uni to advertize the vacancy. I swear I could throttle the idiot junior, at least it'll give me some sort of satisfaction for the grief he caused me. Talk about being inconsiderate. Guess you can't trust anyone nowadays.

Next would be Lady. Sending him back proves harder than importing CITES classified animals. Come on we're living within the same country but the department is still handled by different departments. For an export permit I have to go personally all the way to Cheras to get it. That's bull, how does someone in Sabah do that! And whats more the permit must be used within a month from the date of issue. There is no local office that can liason with the center so no one here can help me. Thats just frustrating. Not to mention another import permit and vet check here and later settling for cargo space with MAS. This is just frustrating. I had visions of having to leave Lady on the streets or euthenise her because the beaurocratic hooha the veterinary department is putting out. I don't want that to happen to her but what choice do I have!

Sigh hoping the following week will be more merciful, I'm dead pooped.

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