Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What a Wonderful World (Not!)

Ever wonder that life is growing to be scarier with each passing day and the end of the world seems to be heading nearer to armageddon? With things going the past few months this world seems to become a less hospitable place to live in day by day. Here at home, the haze has turn Malaysia into some pea soup filled scenery, crime is getting out of hand, politicans are degrading by resorting to character assasination and playing the racial card (as if we don't have enough problems already as it is).

Coupled with this the world is closer to a nuclear nightmare as of now. With North Korea conducting nuclear tests yesterday and Iran pushing for nuclear power it looks like the cold war all over again, and for what gains? It is scary to have a neighbour so close at hand with the ability to just push a button and the evil megalomaniac launch a missile targetting your city and from what it is, the Taepodong missile has the ability to reach us! So much for ZOPFAN, we are no longer in peace nor safe from nuclear specter. So how will South Korea and Japan respond now? Go towards nuclear dependency to counter the rogue state? North Korea is playing a dangerous game with the world but they have nothing to lose it seems so such brinkmanship can be seen as a tool for gains.

How will the US respond? another invasion? Constructive engagement? It seems that the Korea problem is no longer the worry of a few concerned nation anymore, it is now a world problem and how we go about defusing it has yet to be seen in the near future. If I ever have a prayer to ask God, I figure I'd wish that the world would come to its senses and maybe we can seriously live in peace with each other, but maybe thats just a pipe dream or a miracle that no Supreme Being can grant even with their almighty powers, a miracle that will remain a miracle.

Sigh talking about crime it seems my ideal of Kuantan being safe is also shattered, yesterday my mum parked her car near her workplace at the Hainan Association and when she came out after work it was gone. It turly breaks my heart to hear this, another bad break for us, just when we thought we managed to pull through the last financial fiasco from the previous year. It goes to show that the unpredictable does happen and no matter how hard you plan things does have a way to screw you up and send everything asunder. I feel bad for my dad, now he has to dip into his fixed deposit to get a new car for mum, which makes me harden my resolve to quickly enter the workforce to start earning my own keeps and maybe help up, I don't want him to overwork himself and my dad is getting on in years. Well bad news and more bad news huh?

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