Saturday, November 04, 2006

Five years and it came down to 7 boxes


I can't hardly believe it has been five years here in Sabah. On one hand I'm excited to get back to Kl and start anew with new challenges and experiences, on the other I'll miss life here in Kota Kinabalu even with its ups and downs. The countdown timer is already ticking and under three weeks I'll be saying sayonara to here. It's a little pressing to have to get used to a new place all over again, learning every nook and cranny here in KK, familiarizing with where the good places are and where to get things done, good food and great bargains, even the driving on the road itself, God sometimes its hard to think I'll have to relearn everything again when I'm down in Kl especially since I'm staying somewhere new that is unfamiliar to me.

Well I've just finished packing away all my accumulated stuff a few days ago and after much stuffing and curses they all were neatly (or not so neatly at that) packaged and sent via sea mail back to Kuantan. My room now seems much more emptier and bare, with the odd cluster of journal papers and thesis lying around to complete my draft master thesis and a few other necessities. Hopefully the packages will reach home before I have to leave to start work in Kl next month but the clerk did say it may take up to a month for the shipment. Good news at least, the countless worries I had the past month are working their way to completion and easing my burden a little. Today someone finally took the room and paid the deposit (after so many empty promises and false alarms) and a neighbour who is friendly to Lady said he would be glad to care for Lady. Sorry Adrian I know we wanted to bring her back but subjecting her to hours of caged in flight schedule and quarantine isn't the best for her and with the amount of logistics to settle before the month's end is just a bit hard. Not to mention now that my Kl house was sold off, she would have an uncertain future of where to live and I don't want to chance Selangor's sketchy policy concerning dog rearing. So I guess she'll remain a Sabah dog through and through. I'm going to miss her lots.


Kwang Meng said...

Hey, good to know that you are coming back to Peninsular for good. Yeah, it is certainly hard for you to leave KK after spending so many years there.

Anonymous said...

Oh, 7 boxes only, hahaha I'd definitely have more! Nvm, cheaper for you at the airport :) Take care, will miss your posts on KK! Cheers!