Sunday, November 19, 2006

Goodbye Sabah, Hello Long Night at KLIA

Finally the day has come, its been a long haul in Sabah and somehow its does feel a little sad to leave life there behind after nearly 5 years. After cleaning up, the room looked kind of bare and gicing Lady a big hug before handing her to the neighbour was hard to do, I so sorely wanted to have her to myself and she was one pretty dog. I spent the last few days with Laura, taking her out to Little Italy yesterday to have a nice dinner as a early birthday bash since I won't be there next week. The lasagna was heavenly and the cheese coated pasta to die for though we got in a little late and had to wait a while to get seated, truly the place is doing smashing business.

Tosay after church we went to take in a movie, saw Happy Feet which to me must be one of the cutest movie made yet, though at the end the story got a bit nutty and unbelievable but overall the impression is good especially the music scores that each penguin called their heartsong and visually it stunning and it makes you want to squeeze those cute little fuzzy baby furballs. Watch out for crazy antics by the Ramos band of penguins and other eccentric characters like Lovelace. Nice family movie and worth the ticket stub though nothing really groundbreaking. Parents please be ready to explain what mating season is to your kids if they ask.

An hour ago I finally landed in KL, seeing the sights at night from a plane must be one of the best aspects I like about air travel and flying over KL all lighted up is a sight not to be missed especially when landmarks such as the Petronas Twin Towers stand out among the sea of lights. It is a good thing that I decided to go buy a D-Link WiFi before I came back, was deciding if i could wait to get a cheaper one at Low Yat but since I am going to spend a whole night here to catch my connecting flight to Kuantan early next morning this was a really good investment. Armed with countless free refills from Burger King, two series of animes to catch up with (Jigoku Shoujo and Twelve Kingdoms), a long book (War and Peace), a new game (DEFCON) and endless internet access, I think I'm ready to weather a long night of waiting at Burger King. I believe after this I'm going to collapse at home and ask not to be woken up until nightfall the following day. Thank God I have a week before I need to start packing again and start work in December in KL. Well signing off from KLIA, watch out for updates if I'm bored during the night.

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