Thursday, November 16, 2006

Our Local Astronauts do us Proud - by Playing Batu Seremban in Space

It never fails to entertain me to read the news lately and some of them are more precious than any tabloid article out there currently. Take for example that we Malaysians are so proud (at least the politicians who wish to send a patriotic message to us citizens) that we are sending people into space ahead of other countries like our neighbour Singapore which is grounded on Earth. Not counting the fact that such is hardly an acomplishment seeing several billionares and celebreties and even normal average citizens have been space visitors. Secondly the childishness they project in this endeavour is mostly hillarious like when suggestions were mooted to have a cultural exchange by brining versions of satay, nasi lemak and other local foodstuff to share with the international crew, why not just bring durian, cincaluk and petai aboard, that would be more fun? Thirdly on a more serious note, what accomplishment are we really talking about? What is so ground breaking that we are really achieving that we are not doing on borrowed technology and infrastructure? What are our engineers learning that would have helped us develop our own space industry besides a leisure tour of the nether regions and a few snaphots of a Malaysian on his space sojourn? Frankly it is a national spectacle all in all, something nice to oooo and ahhhh for a few moments, maybe a Datukship for the achiever like all our national heroes and maybe some media time showing our achievements which will be rehashed time and time again especially during Merdeka or election time as achievements of the nation.

Yesterday might be far the most laughable newsbit we have heard so far about our space programme. Suggestions of playing batu seremban, which frankly i don't see how when items do not correspond to the laws of gravity in space and also other traditional games like gasing and such. Is there nothing better for them to do there? I can imagine our local traveller in such a conversation;

Mat: Boris let me show you some of our local cuisine, here is our pull tea (teh tarik).

Mat goes through the motion of lifting two cup and starts to pour.

Boris: Look out, your stream of tea is hitting the control panels. No, mission control we have a problem.


Mat: Danya this lovely piece of Batik goes well with your space suit, see how it ecentuates your eerrr figure? Oh well at least it puts some nice colour to that drab and bulky space suit of yours.


Mat: Here is a traditional game we have back home. You take these five bean filled bags and then you toss one up in the air and quickly catch it when it comes down.

Boris: Mat your bag is still floating, what now?


Boris: Mission control we have a problem.

Mission control: What is it? a leak in the oxygen recycling system? Computer failure? Flight control lost?

Boris: Pinching nose. No our Malaysian friend felt homesick so he brought along some items from home, calls it petai masak belacan and also desert of durian. Everyone is passing out from the odour and I'm left, oh no I'm falling unconcious as well, mayday........

Should they not be more immersed in learning how an actual space flight is conducted or even carry out more scientific experimentations that will actually benefit the nation? This is really becoming a farce, and please us Malaysians are really getting tired of being showed down the throat with the reminder that the space programme is costing us nothing since we spent billions on arms acquisition from Russia and this was a 'free' package thrown in kind of like how Cadbury gives you an extra milk bar when you buy a whole chocolate piece. If they really want to make an achievement that is truly meaningful I suggest they invest more in science grants and research so that we are able to produce a true Nobel laureate, that we can truly appreciate not playing kampung games a few thousand kilometers above ground.

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Adam said...

My wife and I was laughing and shaking our head reading about this yesterday. What will they think of next.