Saturday, November 18, 2006

Paid per Advertisment: Blogging for Cash

Money paid advertising on blogs have come a long way. It's been ages since Google introduced such marketing ploys such as AdLinks and AdSense, bringing rise to all those inseemingly blatant advertising space that seems to perpetuate blogs nowadays. It's even more anoying when you stumble onto blogs purposely made with hundreds of links that redirect you to marketing advertisements. Besides that there are the usual advertisement links like Amazon and their ilks. Yet with the advent of Ad blockers there's now a sad fact that the ads you put up on your site often say sayonara the moment they are inserted into your blog code as I've discovered when using Firefox with Ad Buster filters loaded. Suddenly my entire site is crisp clean without an ounce of advertising banner. Oh well no loss there, even after nearly a year with such programmes I haven't really generated a cent from such ad placing, its more like a put there and forget things, though you do tend to envy the bloggers that actively put ads all over their entire web and write specifically to cater to ads and generating oodles of cash in the process.

Well since hearing about the new advertising ReviewMe being presented on the market it seems a whole lot more targeted and not as intrusive as other advertising methods, not to metion the pay off seems high compared to the pennies and cents offered for thousands of clicks like other programmes. Writing an ad by advertisers could net one anywhere from USD 20 or more depending on the type of advertisers asking for their products to be reviewed and whats more you get to chose what content to review and not be forced to write on anything you don't think suits your site. Well I'm giving it a try and see how things pans out, if the money is good then I'm happy, even a little would help a part time blogger like me if nothing else but to pay the bills. But still my blog is mainly a place to write my thoughts and first and foremost a personal blog but hey, business models change from time and one has to get with the programme and earn some MONEY!. Hopefully some advertisers will offer me a job or two soon. For other aspiring bloggers just give it a look and if the payoff is interesting enough give it a go as well.

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