Monday, December 11, 2006

Working Life

It's been a week of work and things are getting quite into fast gear now, leaving less time for more leisurely pursuit as in the past few months but its ok and adjusment to life in Kl isn't too bad. There was a promise I made previously and that was my principle not to blog about work, since most of the projects are sensitive to outside circulation and the fact that personally I think it's a bad idea to do so and open me up to uneeded and unpredictable outcomes. But besides that there are basically a lot out there about my life that can be talked about. The past few weeks have been a daze, weekends seem to pass by so quickly in a blink of an eye and before I even know it the end of December is looming near its halfway mark. Relative upon relative have come to visit the condo and my dad and I playing host else there's the frenzied shopping sprees to furnish my new pad else there are friends or errands to run. Was planning to attend the Kl Flicker's meet up next Sunday with print exchange and Pixart product showcase but had to scrap that when my name was added to the team headed to Jeram for a public presentation. It would have been nice to meet some of the local Klites photographers and participate in activities but maybe next time then.

Even as I abhor blogging about my current work place I have no such inhibition with my alma matter, UMS. Recently the new rule change by the Post grad department leaves much to be desired such as the new minimum payment of RM1000 for the semester fees whereas previously it was RM500. Also the rules requiring to pay in full semester fees unless I submit my final thesis within three months from notification whereas my seniors paid only the minimum while their drafts were being revised. It would seem to me like they are just a money grubbing lot and not keen to promote scholarship who are interested to further their education. Luckily I'm trying to escape from that place as fast as I can at least now if I've to deal with frustrations involving government and departmental red tape at least I'm getting paid for it.

Will most probably be travelling a lot from now on, flying off to Kelantan on Monday for another presentation. Itching to travel and at least my job will give me a chance to do so but still most of the time will be devoted to report writing and research in an airconditioned office. Well that's working life, with Christmas nearby and my first pay check materializing in a few weeks I'm looking forward to a good new year and putting aside some savings for a new computer by early next year then at least I can finally play Oblivion and Neverwinter Nights 2 muuuahhhhh!!!!!

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