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A Christmas Play: Act 2 Part 2 - A Christmas Carol


Scrooge strained close to the praying Timmy to try and make out his words.

It seemed to Scrooge that Timmy and his father were truly happy and without care for the world and in his mind he could not fathom why this was so. They did not have money he thought not like him. Timmy soon knelt down and clasp his hand in prayer and his dad joined in. Scrooge stood near and inched ever closer to try and make out what Timmy was saying.


Timmy said in his prayers to Thank the Lord for providing for them as well as to ask Him to forgive Mr Scrooge.

Timmy said a prayer to God to thank Him for their providence and that he had such a caring father. He gave thanks for what little they had and said that the Lord would provide and see them through even in times of need if they had faith. Finally he asked the Lord to help Mr Scrooge and keep him well as well as to forgive him of any of his sins. Scrooge was taken aback that this boy whose father he fired and whose Christmas he ruined would in his prayers address Scrooge and to ask the Lord to forgive him and to accept him.


Happiness was evident as father and son smiled, happy with just being together while a preplexed Scrooge just wished to get away from the scene.

Scrooge didn't really know how to act. A kind word from a boy he has never met and whose family he had deprived had thought of Scrooge even as he should have felt bitterness and anger towards him for his actions. Timmy got up and smiled at his father and told him that as long as they were together he's happy. Timmy's father smiled back and said that no matter what they'll get through the winter together. Scrooge screamed outloud to the spirits to take him home, he had enough of this but mostly due to his guilt at his act towards the pair. At this juncture, the surrounding dimmed and Scrooge once again found himself back at his mansion, all alone. He thought thought to himself if what he had seen was real and still doubt that it had happened although this steadfast denial was slowly chipping away. Timmy's act of selflessness and forgiveness sparked a dim feeling within him that was begining to engulf his believes and attitude yet he was not truly ready to discard his old self just yet.


The final ghost to arrive to give Scrooge a glimpse of his possible past and this final revelation finally shattered the hard exterior Scrooge had been harbouring and releasing his pent up emotions and hurt.

The clock at his mansion ticked away filling the long empty halls with echoes. Scrooge was sweating profusely and his body shook as he realised that if what his old friend said was true there was to be a final visitation before the night was out. The hour passed and he soon breathed easier. He said to himself that it must have been a mistake and the end was done. A cold chill was felt at the nape of his neck and he stiffened. He slowly turned and a hand grasped his shoulder. He saw at his back, a hooded figure carrying a scythe and its bony fingers beckoned Scrooge to come. Scrooge could not pull his gaze away and no matter how much he didn't want to follow he found that he could not disobey and his body moved on its own accord. The voiceless and featureless hood gave off an aura of fear he had never known before or since. He was plucked away from his mansion once again and when he came to he found himself outside. The place was dark and dank with the full moon out. He heard voices and he noticed at the distance a crowd had gathered in a corner and their attention focused at a point. He moved closer to assuage his curiosity and he asked a man nearby what was happening. The man said, "We are putting to rest a lonely and hated man". Scrooge looked about and saw that everyone there were talking, recounting all the many cruel treatments the man had caused and deriding him at his final rest. Scrooge grew worried and he plucked up the courage to look into the coffin in the center. He screamed outloud as within was himself, all stiff and on his face a bitter cruel look. He thought' "this can't be me! Was I ever like that". Amidst conversations punctuated with derision such as "that poor old fool", "what pity he had no family to bury him" and "what use was all that wealth, he can't take it to his grave", he screamed as the gravediggers piled earth onto the coffina and finally he was staring at his gravestone marked with the large letters of his name. "This can't be," he said. Finally the ghost of Christmas future reappeared and pointed its bony finger at him and in a disembodied voice said, "There is still hope for change".


Scrooge's wife came dancing in after he finally repented and changed for the better, on her a smile as she goes to greet Scrooge.

Scrooge clutched himself tightly and wept. He wept for the first time since his wife died. All the episodes of this Christmas eve night came flooding back to him and he thought, "Yes what a fool I have been. What a fool and scrooge I have been". Then he looked at the clock and was surprised that it was still early in the evening as if nothing had happened yet he remembered all of it so vividly especially the last words by the third spirit. He soon came to and began thinking. He rushed out, put on his warm coat and began making calls. Rushing out in the winter cold he set off to the more affluent shopping districts. Elsewhere, Timmy and his father began their Christmas celebrations. Suddenly a knock was heard from their wooden door. Puzzled as they were not expecting guests Timmy's father went to see who it was.


Dancing jubilantly as things finally with her reunion with Scrooge.

He was surprised when it was seen that Scrooge was standing there and smiling. "I have wronged you and have come to give my apoligies," Scrooge said. "You can have your job back and I am making you a partner in the firm for your years of service with a raise," he continued. Timmy's father was stunned at this unexpected turn of events and all he could say was to bid Scrooge to come in. Scrooge arrived and behind him was an assortment of gifts; a christmas tree as well as many platters of food. He saw Timmy and went up to him and then said his thanks to the little boy for truly he was instrumental in saving Scrooge from himself. The place was soon merry with the tree up and soon everyone present was singing and dancing and having a feast. Scrooge never felt better and then he spotted in the corner of his eye, his wife. She came flitting in dance and she smiled a smile so bright that Scrooge was moved to tears. She came close to him and touched him and her warmth caused Scrooge to shed tears. She nodded and asked him not to worry, she was at peace with the Lord and that Scrooge should be happy and not hold his pain any longer for in future both will be reunited in Heaven. Scrooge smiled and was happy to see his wife in such joy and grace.


Scrooge's wife asked Scrooge not to worry and that both of them will be reunited in Heaven in future.

This concludes the second act which forms the Christmas Carol. The lessons learnt from the play should inspire anyone to always do good and be kind to other people. In the end the message was that anyone can change for the better and redemption is always at hand if we wish for it and to live life at the fullest for oneself and for others.

End of Act 2

The Play continues with Act 3: The Story of Jesus coming soon

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