Wednesday, March 28, 2007

1000th Post - Looking Back Looking Forward

Photo courtesy of Visithra taken during last weeks 1st anniversary KL FLickr Meetup bash.

This will be my 1000th post after nearly 2 and a half years of blogging, a slow pace but a nice pace nonetheless. I'm quite happy with my blog and how it has evolved through the ages, it might not garner as much following as some of the other more popular blogs but its my own personal space in the vast cyberspace and its an endeavour of love. I don't really know what to say to mark this milestone, just thank you to all who have patronise this blog.

Things have been good these past few months, work has stabilised somewhat after the hectic honeymoon first 2 months where I felt like an idiot for not knowing a single thing (I still feel like that at times but I'm learning to cope and pick up the pieces as I go). I'm enjoying life in KL tremendously, there's so much to do and see and the people I meet here are some of the greatest. The KL FLickr meetup has been the greatest social group I've ever had the privelage of joining, they're fun loving, crazy yet lovable beings all and everyone of them and I can say that many of them have turn from strangers to friends over the various meetups.

Coming to KL has put me in touch with some long lost acquaintences, being here somehow makes it seem like the world is a much smaller place than it seems, else everyone who's anyone is concentrated here. I've met university friends whom I've lost touch through acidental meetings in malls, my old friends especially those from form 6 have all moved along with their family to KL or nearby, most of those I know are here as well.

Things have not been easy though, at times it does get lonely being here alone in this apartment. There are things I regret, hurting certain people i know which I truly am sorry. Other times I'm angry that I do not dare pursue certain courses in life, risking things a bit in what I believe to be true without fear or doubts. Sometimes the past seems so far and so hard to let go of or to even chart a new course into the future and see what it brings. I'm still lost even at my age and still taking these baby steps along the journey called life. Am I afraid? Yes. Do I know where it will lead me to? No. And that what scares me, whether I'm doing the right thing, of having neither doubt nor regrets in the actions I take. I keep telling myself as I get older things would be clearer and fall into place, yet it seems even more murky and confusing at times.

Well guess I sidetracked it a bit. Again this blog will go on, in whatever form as it will and as I move on it will continue to follow me on, acting as a mirror to my own life. Towards the next post and the next and the next......


CLT said...

congratulations on your thousand-th post! i'm sure loads of ppl out there enjoy your pics as much as I do! keep it up! =) said...

Congrat! Wuah, 1K posts already? Not bad wor, we started around the same time.