Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Flickr Trip to Melaka - Countdown 3 Days


Commemorative plaques at Jalan Gereja. Can't really remember what they were if I hazard a guess one was for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth.

Seems more and more people are jumping into the bandwagon to head down to Melaka. Well anyone interested to join in for the KL Flickr group and we do mean anyone with a Flickr account and residing in Malaysia is applicable is welcome to do so. We're just a bunch of crazy photographers thats out to eat well and paint the town red as if the red square in Melaka isn't red enough as it it. 3 days more, gotta go shop for a new battery to last me through the day and night as well of Kazee has her way. Visithra and some others have confirmed their attendance as well, oooo can't wait!!!!

Countdown to Melaka
3 days to go!

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