Friday, April 27, 2007

Melaka - Tomorrow Forward!


The Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Fountain in front of Christ Church, Melaka.

Saturday 28th April
1:00pm – 5:00pm (or when we faint of heat exhaustion) Shooting around St Pauls, Town square area, A Famosa etc etc – the historic part of Malacca.

5pm - early dinner for day trippers..... over nighters who can wait for a Jonker street market munch out can wait a bit later.

5pm - 8pm - Free and Easy ... (official tour guides resting and bath time )

8pm - very late – Dinner and Jonker Street Market shoot out. We can do some night photography in Harmony street as most of the temples, churches and mosques are all beautifully lit up.

and even later ..... free and easy or easy and free .....

Sunday 29th April

Sunday 9am ~ Cafe 111 ( or anything interesting that we find)

10:00- 12:00~ River cruise ...
(last time was RM10 per person.... not 100% of increased fare)

12:00 – 1pm ~ lunch ~ we will find something along the river

1pm - 3pm ~ Harmony street shoot out. Visit the road where the first Mosque, Temple and church in Malaysia was ever built. It’s a delightful little street.

3:00pm Famous Malacca CENDOL

3 pm or later ... check out, say good bye to our SG gang and head home ... :)

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