Sunday, April 15, 2007

A walk down Petaling Street and Central Market

Taken during an outing with the KL Flickr group, Central Market and Petaling Street Scenes. The area never ceases to amaze me as there is a never ending string of things to see and photographs. A bit of tongue lashing to those nay sayers that keep on saying Petaling Street is over commercialised or boring (especially after a cleanup of most fake things, yet they're still there). The truth is there are a lot of things to see if you keep your eyes peeled.


A night scene in front of the 'Chinatown Arch' entering Petaling Street. At night the walkways are often jammed packed due to the various stalls taking over every square inch of space available. During the day walking and shopping is more at ease with stalls operating at the sidewalks rather than the middle of the road. Sightseers should try walking on the road less travelled and seek out the side lanes and not only be sidelined with the main shopping area, you never know what gem you'll find there.


A green porcelain dragon in front of a Chinese Temple (I forgot the name, will look it up).


An antique tricycle (hey it looks something like one I had once, If i knew it could be sold for some great bucks wouldn't have threw it away) being sold at one of the antique shops within Central Market, notice the olden day promotional posters for cigarettes and beer in the back with a kind of Shanghai days theme, won't find those anymore since the government banned ads for these sinsful products, which might have included fast food if the government had their way (so start collecting your Ronald McDonald freebies now in case that ever happens).


A finely crafted wau bulan, famous in Kelantan. Delicately made from bamboo and paper cuts they are more sturdy than they look and will soar through the sky gracefully when handled properly by a pro, found at Central Market.


Flower garland seller near the entrance to the Sri Mahamariaman temple, its great seeing so many religious worship houses so near each other in the Petaling Street area, very muhibbah. There the Indian temples, chinese clan associations and Masjid Jamek is just a walk away.


A sign of our times? We encountered this chap while strolling about, a little addled in the head as he was shouting random sentences in the air at every passerby he met, something like 'Selamat datang ke Malaysia', 'Welcome', 'Have a nice day' and other like phrases. Mistaken by most as a notorious jaga kereta, somehow people came to give him 'protection money' in case he was liable to wreck some havoc on their precious vehicle. But he was quite amicable as we found out but didn't really want to provoke him lest he went amok.


Xilly said...

I am enjoy reading your blog. Will come again.

Omni said...

Wonderful photos, as always!! I'm so grateful to you for showing me your fascinating country!! xo

bibliobibuli said...

very nice pictures, thanks for sharing them