Monday, July 16, 2007

Evan Almighty - It's Your Choice Lah!

Sometimes I wonder if faith is really something so fragile that it can be shattered in an instant with the slightest provocation or doubt cast? Is it that people really are that insecure that to take a lighter look or even be able to laugh at the things we hold dearest to us? I would like to believe that the faith we chose is strong enough to last whatever challenges that might be thrown at it and that if you really believe in something it should be built on a foundation of acceptance, strength and love that is not easily dislodged. The recent debacle concerning calls from some 'concerned' parties to ban a movie, and I must stress 'a' here since this is not the first time and will not be the last that such actions are directed towards it, is such a laughable feature that I'd never thought would happen. People have gone to war over blasphemous comments on their religion, fatwahs and bounties have been put on the head of authors for writing a book and violence and crusades have been carried out under the banner of one religion or another. Come on people, take it easy. It's just a movie, airing it would not be an earth shattering event that would cause the mass relinquishment of a religion nor cause one to question their faith of which they have held over a lifetime. It's meant to poke fun at a subject that some of us take ever too seriously. It gives us space and an outlet to see the lighter side of a serious subject and may even provoke us to delve deeper into it to strengthen the faith we have.

Don't we all sometimes wish we could just sit on a bench and have God there next to us to answer all our questions? I know I do.

The showing of The Da Vinci Code did not cause a mass exodus of the Christian faith nor did it lead to a loss of it. A positive side was that it led many to look deeper into the religion, it opened up forum and discussion where none was there and it gave us several hours of mediocre acting that would never bring the film to the oscars but thats all it did. So what if God is portrayed by a black man (Morgan Freeman) or the He is given a mortal form and sits there talking to Noah/Evans. By the way Noah looks a lot like Gandalf here. So people when the shows open lets just go to the cinemas, sit down on the plush seat for the next two hours and just watch the movie before we judge it, its the least a rational and sane person can do right? Not just rant and rave before even knowing what it is all about. I bet if God was here He'd be pleased to see Himself parodied on screen, heck the Lord is a forgiving and benevolent God who I'm sure enjoy a summer flick or two in Heaven as well.

I wonder if the makeup artists from Lord of the Ring got commissioned for the movie as Noah looks kinda like Gandalf or Saruman here. Maybe messiahs all sport the old sagely bearded look no matter where they are.

As for the minority out there calling for its ban, this is a democracy and we all have our own capacity to think and free will to decide to watch the movie or not. If you think that its bad and that it will cause you harm, sit it out. You are more than welcome to just hunker in your safe little house while the rest of us test our faith in front of the big screen. Its a choice and its up to the individual to exercise it.

Don't loose your skirts over something so trivial, there are bigger issues to tackle than a movie.

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