Sunday, July 22, 2007

Flickr Photowalk: Brickfields


Starting the day off with breakfast at Sri Pandi's


Praveen our reluctant model


The guys shot the girls as they shot us


Teh tarik by Shafina


Halt and stick it up until I get a mug shot of you


Out latest model victim getting shot by the group


Urban photography with Praveen


Modelling at Mahavihara


Urban shooting near Mahavihara


Posing near an old wall


Subtle inflection in the hands and a pucker up lips, makes seductive a figure


Liyin trying her hand at the old fashion ice shaver near Mahavihara Temple


Liyin putting her feet up


Han enjoying some ice cream


Ekar taking a break


Kenmin's great idea of doing a something fun with cameras and Visithra

I've been enjoying the Flickr walks of late. A slew of them bringing us to the back lanes and less traveled routes in KL. It was as if an entire part of KL was hidden away and suddenly opened up in front of our eyes. We have always traveled along the familiar routes, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Tun Sambatan, etc but behind this thin veneer of buildings and everyday lie there is so much more that makes KL tick. Going it alone may seem dangerous and foolhardy but as a group it was alright and even fun. The urban decay, the mass population tucked away from sight, the serene hidden edens, excellent makan areas and so much more. Last Saturday the Flickr crew did Brickfields, one of the oldest population center in KL and true to its character it has its charms and even crude side. Where as most people are just familiar with KL Sentral and the Monorail station or just passing by from the Federal Highway to KL or Bangsar there is so much more to see if you stop and smell the sewers, hehe. Anyawat this is just the photos of the Flickr crew with stopovers for urban photo shooting of our newbies. I'll post the photojounalistic photos later on when I have the time.

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