Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pinhole Camera Workshop


The template provided for the workshop, was a modified version with help from an internet contact by Erna.


The finished pinhole camera, each one unique and no two alike.


The Flickr group dominated, had to join three tables to accommodate everyone. Was suppose to be more but some put their names down but never turned up.


Hans taking the materials needed.


Pasting the template onto the provided boards.


Checking out what the others are doing with their cameras.


Taking time off after finishing.


Erna explaining the working on the last stage of the camera construction.


Erna our facilitator.


Vishithra got a bit ahead of everyone else and misconstrued one of the instructions, spot the mistake from the pic.


Love Dr Faisal's expression as he tries to get the small bit of film out of the empty canister of film.


Everyone busy at their individual pieces.

Last Saturday the National Islamic Art Museum held a pinhole camera workshop in conjunction with their current exhibition featuring famous photos taken for royalty and famous persons of the age in Europe. We have to thank Erna for alerting us of the event and inviting the Flickr group to attend. We all had tons of fun, being silly, getting messy and going all out as we usually do. I had fun and it surprised me how the museum itself totally broke with convention from what I had thought museums were suppose to be like. Unlike the boring, exhibit denuded and dark musty museum commonly found in the country, the Islamic museum was great. The architecture itself was magnificent, the halls were naturally lit and there were spaces and forums to enable large gatherings and exhibits. The displays themselves were also fascinating and well researched. If I've to recommend a place to visit, I'll point people here first. Kudos to the curators and museum personnels.

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