Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Asian Heritage Row

I've only been to the Asian Heritage Row once and that was for lunch and not when all the entire row was open at night for the bar and clubbing crowd. It was interesting to note that the entire place used to be a run down area where people fear to tread after nightfall as it was a notorious mat rempit hangout. After much renovation and tasteful adaptation of use for the old pre-war shop houses, the area has seen a revival for a more modern group. The row is mostly populated with bars and eateries and dance clubs but during the day the area serves more for the business class patrons offering great lunch sets and meals. It is a fusion of cultures and themes from Malaysian mamak to oriental to middle eastern and post-modernism delectables.


KL Skyline peeking in the background of the Asian Heritage Row


Buharry, nasi kandar, Asian Heritage Row


Cynna bar, seductively oriental, Asian Heritage Row


Middle Eastern Flavour glass decor, Morocco, Asian Heritage Row


Morocco sign, Asian Heritage Row


Olmec head decor, Asian Heritage Row


Framed plant, Asian Heritage Row


Closeup of a terracotta warrior's hands, Asian Heritage Row.


Twin Buddha heads, Asian Heritage Row


Visithra hugging the statue, Asian Heritage Row.

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