Tuesday, August 07, 2007

KLCC Night View

No matter how many times I pass the Petronas Twin Towers I can never get enough of it. Its monumental scale prominently adorning the KL Skyline is a magnificent sight to behold. It must be one of the most shot buildings in KL but there's always a nice angle and view one could get and the amazing thing is that the building has a different look during different times of the day. The sunset could drape and make it blazing like twin candles, or a calm blue twilight makes it look like a diamond shining, on bright days the building turns a brilliant shade of emerald. I wish I had a day to just sit there and photograph it for 24 hours to see the results and also it would be nice to have a pass to enter all its nook and crannies, even to the top spire but thats wishful thinking. The best time to capture KLCC? Near the blue hour, minutes before evening turn into night.







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