Monday, August 20, 2007

A Note of Thanks


I didn't realise this piece of news until Yen informed me about it in one of my posts. I added my blog to AllMalaysia blogs in the Star without much thought besides that it was a good site to promote my own little cyberhole, of course the mention that there was a prize sponsored by Genting was an enticing lure but never did creep up in my my and truthfully I forgot about it. Well it seems I'm one of the 20 blogs selected for voting of which the top five will get some goodies from the City of Entertainment.

This space has been my little lifeline to the cyber space, chronicling my journey around Malaysia, rediscovering KL after I started working here and so much more. It may not be the fanciest blog, it might not stir controversies, not leading and causes or have legions of readers and die hard fans but I'm glad of how it has turned out for the past 3 years. It's good honest fun, photography and travel with all the accompanied idiosyncrasies. Getting shortlisted made me a little glad, even if I wonder if I can even get a spot on the top 5.

Funny all through the past months I've been thinking of making a trip there but time and other factors seem to conspire against the plan. I last went there about 6 years ago and I'm sure much have changed between then and now. I'm not asking for much nor hoping that I'll win. Getting selected alone (which must have been a fluke as I never imagined how that happened and I wasn't even pushing for a shortlisting) is enough of an ego trip but the fact that Genting popped up must be some sign. Haha even if I don't get the top 5, I still think I want to plan a trip there before the year ends. If you're a Mystar registered user please help me by spending 5 minutes to give me a vote of confidence. Thank you and as we near Merdeka, 50th is a magical number, all the best to all Malaysians.

Voting begins Aug 6 to Aug 20.

All Malaysian Bloggers Project


Emila Yusof said...

Congrats Kervin! You truly deserves to be the top 20! Your photography is great! I love all your shots!

LT said...

congrats! sure am happy you're shortlisted cos your pics are really nice. voted for you already!;)

Jean Chia said...

Congratulations for beng the top 20! i've voted for you! love your snapshots! :)

lucia said...

kervin, congrats on being the top 20. you deserved it. you gave us lovely pictures to feast our eyes on!

Kervin said...

First of all a thanks of appreciation for giving your support and vote. I'm not a big blog with lots of readers but I still treasure the site after 3 years and still going.

emila: Thank you, hope to bring more shots of our fellow Malaysian to you all

Lt: Thanks for the vote, glad you could stop by

Jean: Thanks for the vote, glad you like the pictures :)

Lucia: Thanks Lucia glad you could stop by, bet if they were to have a vote for sopo blogs you'd be right at the top with the likes of Jeff Ooi. Thanks for the support over all these years.

L'abeille said...

Congratulations! You have my vote!! Cheers

visithra said...

Congrats Kervin - this is good news n u do deserve to win - ive already voted for u ;)

angie said...

wow! i love the photos u take.. :) cool stuff u got here bout our homeland. hope u win. i will be voting for u. :)

Desmond said...

Good luck fellow blogger :)

Yen said...

today's date 13 August but your blog say August 29, hmmm?

no need to thans me, but if you do the link in your page is not working, just so you know

Kervin said...

Thanks again l'abeille, Visithra, angie, desmond and Yen for your support, love you all.

Yen: Eer yeah I know I don't do coding and its not wordpress so I can't set sticky posts so I forward the post so that it'll be above my usual postings, hope this answers the question.

hyelbaine said...

All the best bro!

Cheers!!! :D