Saturday, September 01, 2007

24 Hour Flickr KL Party at Maison Part 1


Door decor with the tag to insert to all photos taken on that night for the event.


Poster announcing the event held on 5.5.07


Signing in and getting entrance gift pack at Maison where the event was held


Warming up before the event begins


Bar tender with drinks for those attending


Polaroid shots courtesy of one of the Flickr staff


Kaz downing the first of many alcoholic beverages for the night


Amkay and wife in attendance


Syiqin, see how tired she is after driving all the way from Penang with ciku just to be here! So dedicated


The stalker get a welcoming gift from Kaz


The scream from visithra


Visithra and Shafina


Magnus getting a wet one from Kazzie


Flickr babes on parade


Syiqin posing


Anna, selfless promotion of the Mixfm living with eka, serena and pietro contestant


Anna and Prakash goes one on one


Malik makes a comeback after a long hiatus


Moed in his oh so fine suit, if you caught Saladin the animation lately on Astro he's one of the team members who had toiled for the last few years to bring it to you.


Extremely sweet, both the cupcake and the model


Visithra enthralled with the cupcake


The Flickr staff giving kl a warm welcome


The Flickr staff giving out free pro accounts, I love you all!!!!!


Elena posing at the table


Introducing to new faces and old alike


Getting cosy with multi coloured balls, the sofa was nice too

Last Tuesday was a blast. It was a workday and my weekly schedule was packed and I'm sure many of the Flickr members faced similar situation but all that attended, and there were lots, said they would not miss it for the world. Some took time of work, some got MCs, others even drove straight from Penang and Melaka to be here and left late at night because they had work the next day. Flickr has been a successful community showcasing photos from the world for everyone to appreciate and they have tirelessly been making the service better by expanding to accommodate the diverse language and communities in the world. On 5.5.07, a world wide event called 24 hour Flickr was initiated by the team in California with the aim of giving a window to the world within a day. The group soon ended up with 20,000 odd submission during that period and the best of the best were made into a book.

This party held on Tuesday was their Asia leg of events which stopped by Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur which was the one the KL Flickr members attended. Though we were not the lone group there, I figure we made up the bulk of the people at the meet and we caused a ruckus with out photo stalking, group photos and whacky members. In short it was one hell of a party. I never thought I'd had fun at a club, I hated the smoke, the loud blaring ear shattering music and I don't take alcohol but this time it was different. Maison at the Asian Heritage Row was still a typical nightclub but the atmosphere today was okay.

Well our club had a pre-meetup at Ivy's and sorted out the tons of t-shirts that Shafina prepared for members. Was quite a mess as the printers made mistakes all over and we had to improvise to get everyone's order right to the point that Ivy's manager almost had to kicked us out as we took up so much floor space and was 'disrupting business'. Members all came in one by one, most just got off work and braved the jams to get here along Jalan Doraisamy. Syiqin got lost but thats another story altogether. Heather and the Flickr International came by to greet us since several of our members had contacted them and stated our interest to attend. About near 7, we were all set, the shirts were all sorted, Kaz went to change into hers, Shafina, Malik, Ciku, Magnus, Adi and a host of others too numerous to mention here were all gung ho to go.

The door gift for the event was stupendous. In the bag was a Flickr t-shirt, a camera lens cleaner, Flickr stickers and badges and a free copy of the 24 hours of Flickr book. A hint was that they'll be giving free Flickr pro accounts on that night so that was enough reason to slobber. A lot of people were already there, a lot of new faces and old friends alike. Waiters were going about serving drinks to people, juices, cocktails and alcohol. The Flickr staff were taking pictures of people, greeting the guests and setting the mood. Through the night more members were streaming in, Moed, Prakash, Visithra, Amkay, Erna, Waa, Johan, Han, etc. Mostly it was a networking and chat session but Flickrs being Flickrs everyone soon whipped out their cameras and was shooting away and there were no end of situations to catch on pixels. Food was also provided, a nice buffets spread and sugar bombed cupcakes, all in Flickr colours of pink and blue that is.

Events came about when in the middle, the Flickr international staff made their speech, saying how they were glad to be here and the response given for the event. They even gave us credit for being (dare I say it), the largest and most active Flickr community out there, led by cheers of all those present. At the end they went about giving away free pro-accounts which made everyone all jazzed up. I got mine and was laughing non-stop till today, it was great. After many drinks, conversations and hilarity we all fell into what we do naturally, shooting. We shot on the sofas, posed with the multi coloured balls, used photo opts as pick up lines, crazy posings, group posings, etc. Several publications were there as well, there were representatives from Digital Camera Magazine Malaysia, the Star etc. Our attention drawer must be Anna who came with her 'boyfriend' which was her cardboard cutout of serena c, eka and pietro for the contest and man was she not shy to flaunt it to the max for the publicity and the chance to win RM50,000.

Things went quite late, many of us stayed till the end but some had to leave due to work tomorrow. Kaz was having fun initiating all the many new members about or it would be better to say torture. She kissed up a storm, gave her booming voice for all to hear and got several males to bear it for others to shoot. Visithra and her had a ball dancing with eer balls, Johan was at it with his whacky wide lens group photo shootup which was a blast. Moed and Prakash went into super hype mode by singing the emoticon song and much more. I went back near 11 p.m. all worn out but happy. I love this group enough said.

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