Friday, September 28, 2007

Bride and Groom's Arrival to Parent's House





It was running late, the relatives were already at Kien Chung's parent's house in Bukit Gasing but the couple and their entourage was still nowhere in sight. They stayed at the church to greet all the guests and to thank them for attending as well as some last minute shots of the couple in the church after everyone has left.

The guests were everywhere admiring the place, a large canopy was already draped across the garden and chairs and tables were already laid out. The caterers had already prepared the buffet spread. Soon enough the arrival of the couple was signaled by the band of photographers who went ahead to catch the action before the actual arrival. Both sat in the car as it slowly entered the driveway. The cousins had already barricaded the front with makeshift chairs and soon as dictated by tradition, the closet male relative went to the car door and demanded the 'ang pow' before allowing the groom to exit. Soliciting the bribe, the groom was ushered out and he stood there for a moment. A hand was extended and the gesture was returned.

The bride slowly exited, a little encumbered by the dress but she was as graceful as ever as she came out all smiles.

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very pretty amoi!