Thursday, September 20, 2007

Insignificance as a Human Being


Some days it feels as if whatever you do will never turn out right, that whatever you say will be nonsense and superfluous, that you will never amount to anything or be worth anything, that you are forever lost and stupid. It worse that ever day this is reinforced into you by someone and you expect the next day and the next and the next to be no different, just an escalating cycle of stupidity, inability and in-consequentialness. Today I feel that I've hit rock bottom and that it'll stay as such without hope of anything better. I can't help but wonder how those people that actually reach their limit and finally fell over the edge actually reach that point and worry that one day I might find myself in that very position.

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Laura said...

Don't be too down on yourself... I've had those moments too when I felt like curling up and dying on the spot because there were too many worries. Just trust yourself to pull through, take a break when your body and mind needs it, and pray to God so that you will be strong enough for yourself and for others.