Saturday, September 01, 2007

Project 'I love Malaysia' Presented by Flicker KL

Flickr KL present project 'I love Malaysia'.


1) Prepare paper and marker pen
2) Go around Malaysia (in this case during the recent Merdeka Parade) and ask anyone in the street to write a short blurb on how they feel about Malaysia.
3) Ask them to post with their note in any manner they wish
4) Photograph them in any creative manner you wish and post the pics

Our group had several Projects running on Merdeka day yesterday as a group activity. We all love our country and 50 years of independence is a great thing to experience. We wanted to know how people felt about our country and this the Project. Anyone can do it and it doesn't have to be during Merdeka, we can all love Malaysia any normal day. So anyone interested go ahead and try it, its fun, its a creative exercise and its giving back to our nation in capturing our people in photograph, immortalised for ever. Here are some of the results we had:










So Happy Merdeka to all.


Desmond said...

Congratulations for making the Top 5 grade!:) Keep up with the photos!

Malaysia said...


Firstly, congratulations on your site :)

We would like to invite you to share what you LOVE on the state or
Malaysia… and be part of the Malaysia 50 Years Book, a book to
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You can also share your travel photographs as well.

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Warmest Regards
Chris Lim