Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bagan Lalang Shoot - Praveen

The Flickr people are just amazing. Our monthly meetup for the month was held at Bagan Lalang Selangor for a beach shoot and seafood dinner. What I never expected was that several members would be bringing their studio lighting and flashes and before we knew it we were all set for a beach portrait photo shoot. I wasn't expecting much from my camera except maybe some sunset shots but when I learnt that my Powershot S80 was capable of triggering the slave flashes the effects were just magic. I never realised that my camera would enable me to take such great shots and I have the Flickr members to thank. Even trudging through the countless roadblocks was worth it. Our impromptu model of the day and star attraction was of course Praveen and here are some shots taken by me of her.






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