Monday, December 10, 2007

17 Floors Above Pekeliling Flat: What a View

Call us crazy, call us zany, call us mad but live has never been more interesting with this bunch of KL Flickr members. Braving seedy Indian thugs that were eyeing us suspiciously as we photographed the ground floor of Pekeliling Flats, to crumbling walls, rubbish piled corners and barrierless sudden drops 17 floors down, we finally made it to the top of Pekeliling Flats and what a view it was.

The entire KL skyline was for us to view, the Eye of Malaysia was a dwarf, KLCC and KL towers were in clear view, skyscrapers looked as if they were within range, the view down below looked like a toy setup and the people minute ants scurrying around. But we wouldn't have missed it. So what are a few Flickr members to do when they have managed to scale the edifice? Take photos of course. Here are some of the results of members posing high above the sky, the world their oyster.



Shafina willingly posed for us for some portrait shots on Pekeliling's rooftop


Smoking ad with a clear vista of KL.


Din setting up for a shoot on Pekeliling Flats rooftop view a panaromic view of the KL skyline.


Din in a light moment, Titiwangsa monorail can be seen below us.

More to come.....


Hafiz said...

damn ..i miss this outing!

rational thinker said...

i grew up at the Pekeliling flats (briefly), and it used to ahve awesome views that stretches from the Pan Pacific Hotel (once the tallest hotel), to PWTC, The Mall and in fact, Maybank tower was very much visble back then.

Little wonder why DBKL is demolishing these buildings > for "high end apartments/offices". :)

Nice pics

vis said...

i love how u started it ;) and that shot of shaf is awesome - did i miss it - need to go check ;p