Sunday, December 16, 2007

ASPEC Christmas Gift Exhange 2007


Gifts all wrapped up under the Christmas tree for the office gift exchange.

Sometimes partings are never easy, especially with people you considered good friends. When Li Mor finally got her offer to study in Australia, we were overjoyed for her good fortune. Also she was smiling widely because she was leaving before the string of mega Projects for the firm. When she finally tendered her resignation letter she casually came to the back and said, "people, I've just got my offer, sorry to leave you all in this mess, but to compensate, I've peanut butter and chocolate sweets" as she waved about a jar of M&M like goodies. On her last day we decided to bring forward the annual office Christmas gift exchange so that she could be in it. Each of us were required to buy something to the tune of RM15 which each will draw lots to see who's gift they'll get. Last year;s moment was when Lily heard wrongly and instead of RM15 she went and got an entire dinner crockery set worth RM50. Whoever got that was beaming with joy. This year nothing as untoward as that happened thought she got a lot of jokes about it.

It wasn't much of a big affair, after office hours, we were all rushing for something and had to head out for Li Mor's farewell dinner at the same time. Once the lots were drawn everyone was busy opening their gifts. Among the lot were a cute white and red doggy shaped salt and pepper shaker that Li Mor got, a handphone rest for Phinie, I got a pen, a wind up music box for Yoon Lee, A box of pineapple tarts for Fareini, Candle lamp for Siti, chocolates for Ms Lau, a cute bear for Jamie, water bottle for Johan, pillow for Ari, espresso cup set for Yau, a herbal tea infusion for Mr Yoong, among others. It was a fun affair and it did uplift me a bit from the depression I was having right before the event. Here's to another Christmas, we've survived. And oh It's been a year since I've worked at ASPEC so here's an anniversary cheer as well.


Drawing lots to see whose gifts they got


The office during the gift exchange


Ms Lau, Jamie and Johan with their respective gifts


Li Mor with her cute doggy salt and pepper shaker and Yau who is a non coffee drinker with her espresso shot set


Fareini peeking into Siti's gift from Cheng


Phinie receiving her third handphone rest during the annual Christmas exchange

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