Sunday, December 09, 2007

Free Tickets on GSC Pavilion Opening


Sometimes the best laid plans never go as they are intended, more like Murphy's Law comes into effect to bring about small deviances that alone does not cause much harm but let a bunch of small problems pile up and the situation will become un-salvageable. Hence at times the best plans are no plans at all. Last Sunday a friend and I took a last minute decision of where to head to as we were bored to bits just sitting at home and the usual haunts of Midvalley and 1-Utama could do with some hiatus to breath some fresh air to the place. So without much thinking, closing an eye to the potential Sunday jam, downtown traffic, luxurious parking charges and tons of people flocking for some early Christmas shopping we decided to head to Pavilion.

We had heard from many quarters that the place was a 'good to look see but beware wallets if you plan to buy' shopping center, catering to upscale brands and shops but we just thought we'd go to check out the place being the latest attraction in KL. First obstacle was parking, charges in the Pavilion car park were monstrous, RM 3 first hour and RM 1 for each subsequent half hour, whoa mama. Thought we could skirt these charges and find somewhere more manageable so headed to the back lanes but alas rates were just as high but nevermind that. I believe the only cheap alternative is to find parking farther off such as near Karyaneka or Low Yat Plaza and walk there but heck we were in no mood that day.

The place was nice, it had a sense of scale that was unparalleled, large open spaces, natural lighting, snazzy billboards and nicely designed shops. Everywhere the Christmas mood pervades, a giant mock Christmas tree was in the center of the centercourt and the choir and musicians were playing. Christmas sales, Year end sales and every other kind of sale imaginable were seen at every shop. Our first stop was for food. We'd thought we had to fork out quite a sum at some exclusive eatery or diner but instead we found Food Republic. A tad upper class from your normal food court but the prices were still manageable, the choices were numerous and the food good, a must come again destination if I saw one. J co was as full as ever with crowds lining up along the huge queue to buy doughnuts.

My friend was more interested in the boutiques and shoes as well as shops like Parkson and Tangs which was fine. These places had an air of opulence with the richly decorated facades and the top quality top priced goods. Everywhere there is the nice touches of small niche shops that you just stumble into and appreciate. Finally saw the fish spa everyone was talking about, the one you dip your legs into the pool and various fishes give you a therapeutic clean up by eating your dead skin, hopefully they remembered to wash up first. Walking by GSC Pavilion we thought we'd just check out the place. They were having tons of promotion on that day as they had just opened. As we were walking by the announcer booth, the dudes were spouting questions to the floor with prizes of free tickets. Didn't know the first few such as what was THX but suddenly as we were about to leave they asked, which restaurant can be found in GSC Pavilion.

I knew this one, since I passed it by a moment ago so I just stepped up and answered 'Glitters Cafe'. Cheeky bugger kept on doing the 'Million Dollar' routine and kept asking are you sure? Is that your final answer? My friend just huffed and said yes with no room for compromise and there we had it, two free movie passes to any of the promotional movie showing that day. We'd thought we wanted to watch Beowulf or Enchanted but they were not on the free movie list but we saw that 'Stardust' was. What luck, we both were dying to see it and thought it had made its run from the cinema circuit so lucky. It was a great movie and it was a great day. Even the RM14 parking fees didn't dampen the mood as the tickets more than made up for it. So there, sometimes the best things come when you least expect it so just get out of the house and you never know what will come your way.



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sly said...

love your pic's... you can try and take some down in the bahamas islands.. thats were am from...and my name is also kervin ....